Rico the missing monkey is alive: psychic

Psychic Lynn Overhill with Rico’s family at Symbio. Ms Overhill said Toro, Bella and Mitu told her their brother would soon return. Picture: ORLANDO CHIODO Rico was stolen in May.
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The good news from animal communicator Lynn Overhill is that Rico the missing cotton-top tamarin is alive. The bad news is he’s still lost – and iron deficient.The psychic Mrs Overhill visited Symbio Wildlife Park this week and telepathically communicated with Rico’s family of tamarins. The result was a message of hope: don’t give up on a Rico reunion.Mrs Overhill is in Wollongong for this weekend’s Spiritual Festival at the Master Builders Club and the Mercury arranged for her to visit Symbio in an attempt to get to the bottom of the monkey mystery.She says Bella, Mitu and Toro told her they missed Rico, but believed he would return soon.Mrs Overhill sensed that Rico is being taken care of by someone who fell in love with him when he was stolen, but he will be returned when the time comes for veterinary care – which could be soon if he is not being fed the correct diet.Apparently, those who have him are only feeding Rico grapes and other fruit, depriving him of the protein and iron-rich worms and bugs that are a vital part of his diet.But the big question remains unanswered: where is Rico? Mrs Overhill said she could not get a read on that from his relatives.The monkeys did, however, say they were happy with their habitat at Symbio and how much they were loved.The four pygmy marmosets that were also stolen were apparently too shy to communicate with Mrs Overhill. Park owner John Radnidge said it sounded like Rico would be able to reassimilate , though it could be difficult after such a long absence.Mrs Overhill claims to have had psychic communication with animals for 18 years and said “anyone can do it, you just have to clear your mind and heighten your senses through something like meditation”.She will be appearing at the Spiritual Festival, alongside psychic Amanda Roussety and alchemy specialist Michael Lamb.Mr Lamb will conduct an interactive seminar based on his 23 years’ experience of spirituality, astrology and science.”I’m passionate about unifying people … so it’s all about universal love and understanding,” Mr Lamb said.He is also an ancient mythology enthusiast researching folklore and legendary creatures. The festival runs from 10am-7pm today and 10am-4pm tomorrow.

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