DRAGONS BLOG: In tune after a great win

I passed up the chance to be at Jubilee Oval last night.My Sydney-sider brother had a spare ticket and asked, even though I loathe Monday Night Football with some intensity, if I wanted to go.I did – though not by car. I didn’t want to drive myself up because that makes it hard to have a few beers at the game. And, for me, a few beers at the game is as much a tradition as claiming “they’ve been doing it all” day whenever the ref penalises the opposition – whether they’ve been doing it all day or not.The only other option was a train and State Rail’s schedule was profoundly unhelpful – getting me there 15 minutes after kick-off.So I watched it at home, which isn’t all bad. The beer is cheaper and the toilets are cleaner that at any stadium. And I never have to sit next to a fat guy who takes up all his seat and half of mine.But when I heard the crowd singing “Oh When the Saints Go Marching In” at the end, I so wanted to be there. To be among the Dragons fans celebrating that game would have been fantastic.Because it was a great win. The Sea Eagles were the team that scored the most points against us this season (in fact, one might say they took us apart a little bit that day). And, even if they’re behind on the scoreboard they don’t give up (this season it’s when they’re ahead that they give up).Add to that the fact we were missing the stabilising influence of Ben Hornby and this was a game that could have gone the other way. But, fortunately for the Dragons fans, it didn’t and we racked up a 32-10 win – the most number of points we’ve scored this season.Yes, four of those points shouldn’t have been scored. I refer to the Mark Gasnier try, which I thought would be disallowed after seeing the first replay and was surprised to see video ref Bill Harrigan asking for replay after replay. But things did even up – Manly scored a try under the posts off a clearly forward pass (in fact, they probably got the better dodgy call given their try was under the posts and ours was out wide). So they got six points off the blunder, while we just got four due to a missed conversion.There were, however, better tries that deserve to be talked about. I’ve been waiting all year for Jamie Soward to speed up and do some broken field running. Sure, his try in this game wasn’t the 80m effort I’d been hoping for but I’ll take the 40m run that split the defence and stood up the fullback.I’ll also take Nathan Fien’s effort, scored with the help of the biggest dummy I think I’ve ever seen. At least three defenders bought it and he strolled over. It was Fien’s first try of the season so it saves him from the dreaded end of season nudie run for those who don’t get a four-pointer.Then there was Beau Scott’s long range effort, where he got to run 80m and not need the support of the much faster Soward on his outside.Overall the Dragons showed even more improvement from last week’s win over Easts. The defence was still as solid but that attack was quite a bit better. For mine, the big test for the Dragons will be Sunday’s game against the Raiders. They’ve been a bogey side of ours for years, regardless of how good we’re going, so that may well be sitting in the back of players’ minds. If we can put them away, I reckon it’ll speak volumes about the Dragons in 2010 – especially mentally.
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