DRAGONS BLOG: The Tina Turner ads

The idea of launching the rugby league season seemed to start in 1989 with the first of a few Tina Turner commercials.I can’t remember anything saying ‘‘the footy’s on!’’ before league bosses stitched up Turner in what was a masterstroke.Her presence – and perhaps the presence of muscular men without shirts in the ads – attracted plenmty of women to the game. Though it also meant we had to put up with that shirtless idiot in the leather vest playing the saxophone at the grand final one year.Here’s the first Tina Turner ad, that features a wealth of players from the 1989, including some I don’t recognise (like who’s the guy at 0:41?). There’s also not enough Dragons for my liking and – unless I missed it – the Steelers don’t appear at all. This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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